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the best damn presets ever made for photos + videos

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01 | Mountain

If lush, realistic tones are your thing, look no further. The Mountain Pack is made to stand the test of time--without being boring. Cinematic contrasts make for epic scenes while delicate color adjustments nail skin tones for portrait work. Ideal for elopements and adventure sessions, this pack was made for both landscapes and portraits.


02 | Atlas


Moody fades, warm highlights, cool shadows. The Atlas pack loves fog, moss, cabins, and thunderstorms. Ideal for lifestyle sessions and misty, overcast days. Nostalgic colors that make you feel all warm and cozy inside.


03 | Motion (for video)


We took the best parts of pack 01 and 02 and made them into LUTs compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve, and more. Optimized for a variety of cameras, Ascent Motion will make your videos every bit as epic as your photos.



Mammoth Moonset.jpg

Our first pack includes three presets:


Rich, sunny, vibrant—inspired by the spirit of the American Southwest, Taos blankets your photos in a cozy, sunny glow. Designed from the ground up with skin tones in mind, TAOS achieves a stylized look without sacrificing color accuracy. Pairs well with warm colors, blue skies, & cacti.


Cool, dramatic, mystic—clouds of wintery fog, flurries of snow, and the subtle warmth of alpenglow inspired the colors of TYROL. This is the moodiest of the Mountain Pack, giving your images a wintery mystique. This preset was designed to make your images feel like the places they were captured—cold, wild, and remote.


Organic, timeless, lush—Torino emulates the urban yet mountainous vibe of its Northern Italian namesake. Designed for a more natural look, TORINO aims for accurate color representation across the board. This preset is aimed at making your images appear slightly moody and dramatic without being too trendy.



If you’re looking for a preset that elevates your photos without washing them out or completely losing any saturation of colour, then Ascent presets will be perfect for you! Great with skin tones, enhancing landscape images, super easy to work with with very little adjustments.
— Jayme Ford,
I jumped at the chance to try these presets out, my own style is very much a colourful high contrast style which relies on good light and a dramatic feeling. Ascent really helped me achieve this with minimal effort. Once applied i would change the WB exposure and occasionally the hues of the blues but regardless the whole photo felt more polished than previous presets I had used
— Ashley Smith,
These presets definitely help my work to stay consistent in the style that I love creating! Usually I would desaturate the greens but after trying these sets, I quite like the colors and the richness it brings to the photo!
— Christina Hartzell,