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I am a Utah-based photographer with a knack for adventure. I have been around the world and back a few times, capturing photos of the planet’s most beautiful landscapes. Hiking through blizzardy mountainscapes, vast sandy desserts, and tropical jungles, I developed a passion for creating breathtaking photographs. I approach each photo as I would a painting—instead of snapping thousands of photos and sifting through them later, I focus on minute details of the scene until I know exactly which photo I want to capture.

I bring that same passion to wedding photography. I believe that wedding photos should be epic. Whether your wedding is in your hometown church or on top of a towering snowcapped mountain, I will capture the epic magnitude of your matrimony. Because I love to shoot in new places, I rarely charge for travel, regularly shooting weddings all across the Southwest and West Coast.

I also love working with other photographers. Whether you are a seasoned professional wanting to discuss techniques or a beginner wondering where to start with your new camera, I’d love to help you learn.

If you’re interested in my wedding work or other projects, fill out a contact form and let’s get to know each other!